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The Recife Conservation Project (PCR) aims to guarantee the preservation of coral reefs in the Northeast of Brazil, focusing on the APA Costa dos Corais, the largest Marine Conservation Unit in Brazil located in the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas. The PCR has already had more than 10 approved projects in the last five years and currently has financial support from several institutions such as Rufford Small Grant (RSG), Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) and Idea Wild.

Some of the objectives of the project are: 1) To enable community members to act as field agents and to supervise the reef area; 2) To supervise and monitor the area to avoid impacts caused by tourism; 3) Disseminate environmental education material for conservation projects among them: "Conscious Conduct in Reef Ecosystems"; 4) Conduct visual census dives analyzing fish and corals to follow possible changes in community structure related to anthropic impacts.

Projeto Conservação Recifal